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In the state of Michigan through licensing and regulatory affairs (LARA) Therran Ferguson has the following licenses:

1. Real Estate Broker’s License

a. Essential Real Estate

b. Manistee Rental Management

2. Individual Builder License (commonly known as Contractor’s license)



We are proud members of the MOMBoard (Member of Mason Oceana Manistee Board of REALTORS).

“The purpose of the Mason Oceana Manistee Board of REALTORS® is to provide and promote Realtor® professionalism, to its members along with the tools and technology to enhance membership profitability, communicate Realtor® viewpoints on real estate and private property issues and promote the value of Realtors® to the public all while assisting consumers in fulfilling their real estate needs in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.”

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